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Genuins Project

One of the pillars that identifies us as a brand is respect and care of the environment. Therefore, in Genuins We have launched a series of actions to reduce our ecological impact.


Cork: Recycling and collected in Spain that is extracted from the cork oaks without affecting the development of trees or damaging them.

Recycled polyester: Which generates 1/3 less of CO2 emissions than the conventional production polyester.

Felt pet: From plastic bottles collected from the oceans.

Skins: From suppliers belonging to Leather Working Group (LWG) with Status Gold, which guarantees compliance with good practices oriented to environmental protection

80% of the materials we use are Free and Vegan Animal, approved under the PETA label.

We are in constant research to be more sustainable, being our main objective to increase the proportion of recycled materials to reduce the harmful effects of textile production on people and the environment.


We have reduced the traceability of our footwear through proximity suppliers and shorter transport routes between suppliers, production and our logistics warehouse in Elche (Spain).

Complying in this way with standards such as reach CAD.

Our factory has solar panels, which generate 68% of the demanded energy.

Genuins It is approved by Smeta, an ethical audit that advocates fair wages in a safe and healthy work environment, as well as the prohibition of forced labor, the prohibition of child labor and gender discrimination.

A product is only really sustainable if it has a prolonged useful life in time.

In Genuins We guarantee quality and durable footwear, under the certification of the Technological Footwear Center, INESCOP.



Our products are packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard box, inside, the footwear is also protected with paper also of recycled origin.

In this way we try to reduce the environmental impact in all the elements that make up the product.


In Genuins We care about sustainability and care of the environment, for them we have developed a collection that includes sustainable models, free of animal cruelty and vegans.

We take care of the environment and take care of you.

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Our facilities now have solar panels ...


Our commitment to sustainability, we continue to implement resources to improve the manufacture of our footwear in the most ecological way possible.


We strive to promote sustainable fashion and take care of our production processes, always keeping care and respect for the environment.

Thus, we join the Oxizonia NGO, in its project for the conservation of the Amazon jungle, which among other actions, seeks to stop the advance of clandestine mining, poaching and illegal felling.

We want you to know that when buying Genuins, not only do you acquire a quality product #MadeinsPain, but you are also contributing to the reforestation of the Oxizonia-Rec reserve, in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.