Divide your purchase into 4 interestless payments into Genuins With postpone me

  • For what you need, from purchases from € 50 to € at € at the maximum of operation.

  • Divide your purchase into 4 payments, without paying a penny of interest.

  • You just need a mobile, a card and your DNI or NIE.

Simple and without registering

You do not need to create any account to finance a purchase. You just have to select "postpone" as a method of payment in the store and complete some personal data so that we respond instantly.

Without interest or hidden commissions

Stop worrying about the small print. There is no. You are not going to pay interest or opening commissions. By dividing your purchase into 4 payments, you will make a first payment at the time of purchase and you will pay the other 3 payments monthly.

Quick and easy

No documentation or paperwork. We will only ask you for a couple of personal data, a phone, a bank card and your ID or NIE. We confirm your identity and approve your purchase in seconds. You will only process your order and receive it at home.