A community of Shoeelovers, where the most important thing is you!

Paradise: (from lat. Paradīsus, of the Avético Pairidaēza, circular fence, applied to the royal gardens).

I. Heaven.
II. Very enjoyable place or place.
III. The ideal place on earth or utopia.

This concept has different interpretations. Ours is this space, a community of Shoeellovers, where the most important thing is you! We want to reward your loyalty, your love and above all, the trust placed in us, so we have designed this place with many surprises for you. With each purchase or interaction with us, you can gain points that will be transformed into benefits…. Isn't it ideal?

500 points

5 euros discount on your next purchase

*See terms and conditions of use below
You can level up to obtain exclusive calm.

Conditions of use for your points genuins

*You can exchange your points and enjoy your reward in a minimum purchase of € 44.90
*The points acquired by labeling us on Instagram or sharing a review on Google, it will take a maximum of 48 hours to be registered, for the other actions the points will be automatically charged.
*You cannot obtain points for reviews on Google more than 1 time per month.